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About Us

About Us

The Story of Little Ricky’s

Originally, we were trying to create a boxer for men with an insert to provide comfort and support. The design took over 3 years until we finally got it right. We had samples made overseas and the sizing was way off.

My wife wanted to change into something comfortable and tried a pair of Little Ricky’s boxers and said “You have to make Little Ricky’s for women!”

With our Patented Design we are launching our full-line of women’s comfortable boxers you can wear anywhere without underwear.

Our Tank Top line gives you the support and comfort you have never had before. The Patent Pending insert panel has an open back feature allowing you to wear our tank tops without the need of a bra and no risk of exposure.   

We hope you enjoy our entire line of Little Ricky’s products. Together we can keep women looking sexy and comfortable without the need for bras or underwear.


The Little Ricky’s Team